Surf Shop

Surf Lessons / Rent a board

Looking to learn how to ride the waves
of Lanzarote. Dont wait any longer and book a space with one of our instructors.
Beginner to Expert level

We also rent out surfboards

New or Secondhand boards

Looking for a New or Secondhand board. We have a wide range in both on offer.

Custom Board

Are you at that level that no of the shelf surfboard feels good enough?! Or you just want one. We now are making costum boards to the costumers specifications.

Aside our great services we also run a shop were we get together before hitting the waves. Here we also offer all accesories you need for you own surfboards from, Fins, Tractionpads, Wax, Leashes and more!

We also have a wide selection of new or secondhand surf
and bodyboards on offer.

We also offer handmade clothing and souvenirs from Lanzarote.

- The clothing are made from recycled materials ... Add more.

- The souvenirs are made out of recycled wood and handmade in home. Ranging from Mini surfboards,
Hangloose sign, Rings and more.

Beside the handmade clothing we also have our own branded t-shirts and hoody's. Available in different designs, colours and sizes.