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Kalufa Surf School was founded in 2009 by Roberto Merli. A surfer with over 26 years of experience. With the will of spreading the surf culture as a way of life and the respect for the sea and the ocean environment. Values that are indissolubly and emotionally linked to this wonderful water sport for ocean lovers.
His mission was clear and sharp: let everybody have the opportunity to experience Surfing and ride the spectacular ocean waves of Lanzarote island.

In 2011 Corrado Gualtieri a windsurfer by hearth joined Roberto Merli in his mission to let everybody have the opportunity to surf the spectacular waves of Lanzarote. Corrado has taken over the task of Roberto to take care of Kalufa Surf School and Shop. Meet the rest of our team and instructers who believe in our company's mission


Roberto Merli

Founder & CEO

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Corrado Gualtieri


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Someone Else

Surf Instructor

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Wave surfing

Want to learn how to Surf the wave´s of Lanzarote?!
Dont wait any longer and reserve a spot with one of our instructors.
We accommodate Beginner to Expert levels.

Wind surfing

Ever wanted to learn how to Wind surf. Your in luck with Corrado.
We accommodate Beginner to Expert levels.


Body boarding

You want to feel the speed and power of the waves up close. Try body boarding it does not get more closer and personal.
We accommodate Beginner to Expert levels